• nikcp:

    X-Factor brilliance of the day

    Back when American Idol first started I was obsessed….. ridiculously obsessed. As in called at least 10 times per night per week to vote for my contestant of choice. I definitely helped perpetrate the Jasmine Trias phone scandal of season 3 by calling Hawaii as soon as I got her voting phone number and relaying the message so family and friends started calling in 6 hours in advance. A call to my dad who would still be at work resulted in an entire office in Hawaii quickly getting the number and passing it off to their own friends and family. Whatever, that LaToya girl had a horrible personality. Aloha state power!!!

    Anyway, after being a die hard fan for several years, I started to lose interest (my dislike for Ryan Seacrest did not help) and until recently my view of reality singing competitions was that they were all ridiculous and boring. Until the X-factor cast my unwavering girl crush / idol Britney as a judge. Due to my love of everything Miss Spears, I figured I would start DVRing the X-factor and fastforward every time the camera was not on her. But then I saw the first episode and it was phenomenal. Out of a huge chunk of shows I tape to watch each week, X-factor is becoming my favorite. So be prepared, this will soon become an X-factor blog.

    (via norlypleaseexcusethemess)

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