Those Summer Nights (Part II)

I’m just going to work my way backwards through the summer until I get up all the pictures I wanted to post about. Maybe by them it’ll be the middle of winter and I’ll be lusting for nights that didn’t drop below 90 degrees (which is why although typically miserable when it happens, I’m never too too upset, because I know it could always be worse.

The weekend before the renaissance fair we went camping for my birthday. Pretty crazy how much difference a decade can make. 10 years ago I talked my friends into having the first party of our senior year be my birthday party…. as I was the last one of us to FINALLY turn 21. Which sadly, I didn’t even enjoy because I had gone out to celebrate at midnight the night before and had not recovered. My dad recently reminded me that a week after that took place he came to visit me, and I was STILL sick. Moral of the story kids: just because you CAN drink a yard of beer with breaks in between for shots, doesn’t mean you should.

I can’t believe I can’t find a picture of me with my yard long flask celebrating the big 2-1. Oh well, here’s the pre-party celebration.

And look who showed up at my party! I think he totally had a crush on me!

And for a good portion of my birthdays during the next 10 years, alcohol featured heavily. Another lesson for you all: while being a bridesmaid in one of your college bestie’s wedding the day after your birthday may seem to you like fun because it means you have a plethora of friends you haven’t seen in ages there for your birthday, STAY AWAY FROM TEQUILA. Otherwise, that ceremony you’ve been so excited to attend…. The one with a lot of standing…. In a warm church…. And followed by a night of dancing and toasting and overall merriment…. Not so merry.

Thank goodness for really impressive friends whom work wonders with hair and make-up. This could have been A LOT worse. As it is, this is clearly a “do not ruin your friend’s big day by barfing” face.

But then something happened to me. I think the answer is: I got old. And suddenly, getting super sick from overindulging at a bar didn’t seem as much fun as it used to be. So last year I spent my actual birthday at a lovely bed and breakfast in Ireland with the hubby.

Okay, let’s not get too crazy – I ended up making good use of the bed and breakfast’s honesty bar on my actual birthday…

…and spent a good portion of the trip sightseeing in places such as the Jameson Distillery…

…and the Guinness Brewery.

Random fact, this picture is also my linked-in picture, sans third glass of Guinness in hand. For some reason, I swear if you just crop the picture around my face, it’s my most responsible/professional looking picture to date.

As part of this retrospective post I tried for the life of me to remember what I did for my birthday in 2010 and finally looked at old posts on my blog. But all I could find were post after post after post of different restaurants I ate at to celebrate my birthday. Yeah, sounds about right.

And now this post is super long and I haven’t even started talking about Birthday Weekend 2012… so that’ll be for another post.

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