Those Summer Nights (Part II) TAKE TWO

So I thought about everything I could possibly do for my birthday and decided that more than anything else I wanted to do one thing: head back to Malouf’s Mountain for another round of (semi-fake) camping.

So there was a lot more of what happened in previous years.

There was setting up our tent on a floor and under a roof. DON’T JUDGE!

Beautiful views after hard ass hikes.


Cooking over a fire…. A lot

But there were some new things that happened too.

Like bringing along a camp stove that uses the power generated by lighting a fire to charge your iphone.

Which really came in handy because for some reason, we were the worst at getting a fire started on our first day. As in holy crap we are never going to eat, why does this suck so hard kind.

So thank goodness for that camp stove.

The next day we googled the crap out of “how to build a proper camp fire.” I’m going to go out on a limb and say that after a rocky start we are total camp fire building masters now.

And with not much else to do except enjoy each other’s company, enjoy nature, and enjoy food – there was also lessons in Gangnam Style dancing that went on.

Without a doubt we’ll be back next year.

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