Those Summer Nights (Part I)

I know, I’ve been MIA for forever except for ranting and raving political posts / reblogs (which I promised you no more of for the next 41 days). The truth is, I’ve been really burned out after weekend after weekend of having a fantastic good-bye to a wonderful summer (wow, stuck up first world problems, much?). This past weekend I was so excited to just relax, sleep and catch up on tumblr. I had only 1 thing on my list to do: buy a treadmill. Which ended up taking over a good portion of my Saturday followed by a good portion of Sunday trying to find out where the hell I was supposed to put my most expensive purchase to date. But this was not supposed to be a “check out my new treadmill” post. That will come on Friday. This was meant to be a post about renaissance fairs.

I never even heard about the existence of renaissance fairs until Holly Madison et al went to one on The Girls Next Door (man I miss that series)! But after that, I started looking into potential renaissance fairs near me and became obsessed with the idea of attending one (obsessed as in…. see bucket list item #36). And it was pretty awesome. Apparently Sterling Forest is one of the biggest fairs in the country, and at only an hour or so away from us, it was a definite must.

There were musicians.

Medieval pageantry.


Archery. I thought I could channel Katniss. I was horrible. But a very sweeth toothless elderly gentlemen taught me how to at least hit the bag…. Though not the bullseye.

Axe throwing

And see the axe closest to the bullseye? That was mine! I got the axe champion award of our group. So that’s my award I’m pointing at…. Not my boob – though I also got a mardi gras lei for a job well done. No one else beside me and Ryan even got it lodged on the board. Yup, we are awesome.

Sexy Vixens en Garde swords fighting – which was the most awesome play I’ve ever seen. I absolutely loved it.

Hawking lessons.

Tomato throwing at an insulting clown.

Shopping galore.

Maypole dancing. Note to self: add “participate in a maypole dance” to my Bucket List.

A Parade.

And food, oh the food. There was everything from fried cheese and pizza to gyros. And of course turkey legs.

And a BBQ Sundae. Is it better or worse that I was disinterested AFTER I found out it was just BBQ in a cub instead of an actual ice cream sundae topped with pulled pork?

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