Rambling thoughts from the train

When I left my job in the city almost a year ago, the higher ups wrote it off as it being because of my commute. And I was too chicken to get into how abhorrent I found their racist, homophobic, and sexist “unwritten” policies. But the commuting difference changed my life. 3 hours back each day plus countless errands run during the day, I feel like I have a completely new and wonderful life.

Which is why I was appalled today to have to be at my Company’s headquarters in the city for an early morning meeting. I’ve been complaining all week. But today, when I actually caught an earlier train than I meant to. When I got a seat on the packed morning train. When I’ve been leisurely catching up on my Tumblr dashboard and reading Fifty Shades of Grey (don’t judge!) I remember the days when I looked forward to having a train ride to read and relax and de-stress.

Though knowing that work is getting out at 6 tonight instead of 9 (a la former job) is also a big bonus!

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