During our latest debate over whether Ross and Rachel were really on a break…

  • (Yes, we argue who was really at fault on this way-long-ago dilemma way too many times.)

  • Me:Rachel asked for a break out of anger. Imagine if you were stressed out at work and I showed up and burned down your office…

  • R:If you showed up and burned down [place of work] I would first give you a high five.

  • Me:No!

  • R:And then I would take you out to dinner to celebrate.

  • Me:Okay, but Ross was really annoying with all the jealousy over Marc. What if first I lay into you with jealousy about your work bestie Leia and THEN I burned down the office?

  • R:Then Leia would give you a high five as well. Though she's short… So it may be a low five.

  • Yes, these are the ridiculousnesses I have to deal with during debates.

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