So this happened.

I know I know this is the craziest cat woman-y I’ve ever sounded – BUT hear me out!

Despite how often I proclaim I’m sick on here I am rarely sick outside of my busy times of the year. So when I’m averaging 2-4 hours of sleep a night for a month or so and eating atrocious things for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at my desk… I get sick. Not surprising.

But outside of that – nothing. Which is why I was so shocked when I got sick this week. NOTHING was going on. Except my beloved child Sushi had a cold.

So I kept saying that I thought Sushi got me sick, to many rolling of eyes and “you are bat shit crazy” looks. BUT bacterial conjunctivitis (aka pink eye), according to sites that were NOT (just) Yahoo Answers, can occur from playing with sick cats.

Just saying. My cat got me sick. And I was right.

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