Take the presidential election quiz and see which candidate you side with!

My friend posted this link on her facebook page today and I thought it was so completely awesome that I immediately clicked to take the test. Not because I wasn’t sure whom I was siding with (not a surprise to you all I’m sure as I’m not exactly quiet about my thoughts on this here bloggy-blog), but because I’ve been really confused lately about something. There’s a good portion of my peers that are gung-ho Romney fanatics. In fact, I probably have more acquaintances that are going with Willard Mitt Romney this election year than not. And while I respect that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I am confused. Because these people are all around my age, probably less religious than I am (as in REALLY not religious), grew up and went to college in “blue” states, are very liberal in their points of view on social issues and (probably) make either the same or less money than I do. So I just keep thinking over and over to myself, what am I missing that makes me have such a different opinion from them. There’s clearly something I am not getting but I think both sides (as in me versus 60% of my facebook friends) are too heated in our view points to ever have a serious and intelligent conversation about it so I’ll just live with my confusion.

I’m rambling, but that’s why I took this quiz. To figure out this missing piece of the puzzle. So did it help me find any answers? Absolutely not. But I did find a couple of interesting things about my results:

1) Not Obama but Jill Stein as #1? Crazy! I have to admit, I never heard of her until today, but she’s a presidential candidate for the Green Party. Sorry Jill, 90% is pretty awesome but I believe there’s a 0% chance that someone besides Obama or Romney will be President.

2) Actually not surprising at all but I lol’d at having no major same beliefs as Romney. I guess that’s why I’m so scared of November.

3) How bad am I? I knew Ron Paul, but who the heck are these other people?!

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