Oh my god

Currently sitting next to this family that is super excited to visit Honolulu’s royal palace. That part is fine – in fact since Hawaii really relies on its tourism industry – go tourists! My problem stems for the fact that they are hoping the royal family is going to be in the palace when they go – and they think there’s a good chance they might catch a glimpse of them because they heard the Hawaiian flag has been flying. I’ve been debating about leaning over and telling them that the monarchy was abolished in the late 1800s. Or maybe just inquire as to who they think the king and queen are… Cause I swear I’m (a super teeny tiny amount of) Hawaiian royalty (Ryan refuses to believe this!) – Maybe these folks will want to take a picture with me! Not asking people to know Hawaii’s history… Just you know… understand that it’s one of the 50 states.

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