Color Run NYC 2012: “the Happiest 5K on Earth”

Usually I tend to extend my vacation until the last minute possible. This typically entails taking flights that land in New York very late on Sunday and resulting in a very tiring first day back to work on Monday. This time since we had already registered for the NYC color run when booking our flights in and out of Honolulu, I made it back to CT by Saturday afternoon…. which I suppose is a win for not being useless at work tomorrow.

But onto the color run. Ryan was not a happy camper about the alarm going off at 5 AM on a Sunday after he had gone to work jet-lagged for the previous two days. And he was not a happy camper about having to trek all the way to Brooklyn. And he really wasn’t a happy camper when I asked him to turn around 30 minutes into our commute so I could pick up my ID which I forgot at our house… in case I needed it to pick up my race packet.

So to sum up: pre-run race photo – not a happy camper!

I know the color run sold out super fast and the amount of people that wanted to run it in New York was so much that they had it over two days, but I can’t believe how many people showed up. We were actually in the front of the line.

3.1 miles and 4 color sprays later we made it over the finish line and were ready for the rest of color palooza.

And look who finally stopped being grumpy!

Color palooza!

The final color shot! I was terrified to hear that it may have taken a couple washes for the color to come out of hair. Cause pink / blue / green hair at work tomorrow was not going to fly. Not in the slightest. But it actually washed out of Ryan’s hair pretty easily so maybe I’ll chance it without the dorky bandanna next year.

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