GPOYVT – gratuitous picture of your view Tuesday

Do you know what this is? And how magical this is? Well, I will tell you. It’s the view from my house – and the sun is still out. I haven’t seen that on a non-weekend in a while now. But I finally had enough today and decided that 12 hours of work was quite enough for the day and told everyone “peace out motha f’ers.”*

*Okay, it may have been more like, “I’m sorry but I’m completely beat but leave work on my desk and I’ll get to it first thing in the morning!” I’m such a wuss.

T minus 15 day till I’m beach bound…. and counting!

Summary of the 2012 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony

We start in the northwest part of Middle-earth in a region called the Shire.

But then things went down hill.

Yes, they destroyed the shire and made the one ring.

The Queen (my almost grandmother-in-law according to my 14-year-old self bucket list) had an awesome entrance but then seemed to get mad.

One of my favorite moments was when J.K. Rowling popped onto the screen.

And I was like….

Until I realized she wasn’t reading Harry Potter and then I was like…

But I forgot all about that when I realized that Stephen Colbert hadn’t been joking on the Colbert Report earlier this week when he announced that the opening ceremony would include a giant voldemort fighting Mary Poppins.

Except it looked more like this.

And that’s when I looked like this.

One of the last scenes before they went into the Parade of the nations introduced the inventor of the internet.

And now as I pass out after a LONG week at work, I’m determined to get over my newest cold (they always seem to pop up during my busy season) so I can get heavily involved with this:

Do You Live in a Bubble? A Quiz | PBS NewsHour

(via catsavoie)

29: A second-generation (or more) upper-middle-class person who has made a point of getting out a lot. Typical: 9.

I was actually shocked it was even that high. I think my undying love for trashy tv (oh hello Judge Judy) really helped. That and the fact that in both of my former accounting jobs I’ve spent some time on factory floors… um…. auditing the factory… but still!

Living the Dream

I’ve spent the last hour of today arguing with co-workers about a number (you know you are all jealous of my crazy-fabulous life).

My side of the argument is 25 plus 11 plus 5 does not equal 40.

The opposing side of the argument is that a super high up person looked at a sheet full of numbers (of which this was a microscopic portion of) and said she was okay with it. I’m sorry, how does math not automatically not trump EVERYTHING else?

This has been a PSA to aspiring accountants everywhere: this too could be your life.

Embarrassing Confession Time

I really, really, really like Miss Advised. Like as in I watched the first half before going to work and couldn’t wait to get home and finish it.

But it’s really all your fault, Tumblr. I had actually completely forgotten that Julia Allison had finally made it onto a TV show until I kept seeing comments about it pop up on my dashboard. And then I found out that the first four episodes were free On Demand. Well that settled it, I was going to give it a try. And so far the pilot has completely exceeded my wildest dreams (which to be fair was minimal).

My only worry stems from an apparent quote by the late-producer Nora Ephron, whom called it her “deeply personal tribute to women everywhere who embody feminism’s ideals.” Because I was going with this being a satire highlighting the most ridiculous stereotypes associated with women (hello 73-point dating / boyfriend list). And now I’m a little worried that might not be the case…

And the fact that this post is as long as it is makes me even more embarrassed.