Woohoo – finally Friday was here and we were off to my sister’s graduation.

I’ve been lucky enough (I guess… come on, admit it – graduations gets really boring in the time period between when you see people you know walk in to pomp and circumstance to when their name is called) to be at several school graduations, but never an Art School graduation. It was definitely different, and pretty cool. Before each degree was awarded (e.g. Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting, or Photography, or Game Design, or Illustration…etc.) they had snippets of work that that graduating class did. Holy hell, the game design snippets were awesome, but sadly just concepts. (I told my sister if she put me in contact with some of the game design graduates I’d invest possibly up to $40 in bringing their games to fruition, but she claimed that wasn’t enough.)

My sister’s work didn’t make it to the big screen (pissing me off, she was WAY better than some of the stuff they showed), so I’ll give her her own shout out here.

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