Now let’s get in the delorean and mosey on back to the Thursday before Memorial day for more food discussions. (Bet you thought it was finally over, right? Too bad for you.)

After a whirlwind trip of bright lights, 105 degree heat (ouch), barely-clad dancers at Jubilee, lost money (damn you Vegas), and stomachs reaching their breaking point and shutting down, it was time to head back to San Francisco for a weekend celebrating my sister’s graduation from college. The first day was booked up with formal family portraits (something I always hate doing because I do the Chandler smile whenever I have to pose for longer than 2 seconds for a picture).

I’m actually completely shocked that after about 2 hours there was something like 2 not horrible pictures of me.

But when that was finally over, Ryan, my sister and I headed to her favorite restaurant for happy hour and dinner.

6 watermelon cosmos later…

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