Me: Did you see me during the graduation ceremony?!
Tiffi: No. There was a light shining right where the audience was. I couldn’t see anybody.
Me: (Sad) Oh…. Did you hear me at least?
T: Yes.
Me: Awesome.
T: You were REALLY loud.
Me: So awesome.
T: No. Not awesome. Like embarrassingly loud.
Me: God I’m awesome!

My baby sister graduated today! So proud!!! And in line with the school conferring honorary doctorates today, I am conferring my own awards to certain members of the graduating class as well:
Best dressed: the guy whom to some seemed merely conservatively dressed, but to my well-trained eye, the tie, sweater vest, and scarf were none other than Gryffindor attire.
Best graduation walk: the guy whom tore open his graduation robe, showing his batman outfit underneath and proceeded to jump off the stage.
Best line describing the Hawaii custom of giving leis at graduation – no matter what state your graduation is in: “Tiffany, you got totally Honolulu-ed up”
Most organized school for after graduation meet-ups: any school in Hawaii – there’s something to be said for hanging letters of the alphabet to coconut trees. Complete chaos took place today! Why couldn’t I just go to the “H” tree (maiden last name).
Least school spirited graduatee: my sister – still doesn’t know her school colors.

The time when foursquare almost made me throw up…

Our flight to Vegas was delayed by a couple hours due to fog so we were really excited when our plane finally landed at its destination. So there we are, coasting in to the gate while I turn on my phone and use foursquare to check into the Vegas airport. And foursquare nicely provides me a listing of things nearby to me, and they all say LAX or spell out Los Angeles. I almost threw up and cried simultaneously thinking I booked us on a flight to LAX not LAS. Thank god the hotels from the strip can be seen from the tarmac so I could stop digging my fingers into Ryan’s arm while shrilly crying out, “where are we?!”

Nom nom nom nom

“[First class] used to be a better meal. Now it’s a better life.” -Dorothy on Jerry Maguire.

Hello from super high up in the skies! My seat (which is in an exit row and is therefore actually pretty roomie) is right next next to the plane’s kitchen. The kitchen which is currently heating up some delicious smelling chocolate chip cookies for the first class passengers. Now you may say, “but Sonja, your complaint is about better meals in first class, this quote is invalid.” But then I will respond with the impressive argument of, “me WANT cookies!”

Nothing like waiting until the day my flight leaves to pack for my vacation. Added to the fact of trying to fit 60 degree San Francisco weather (why are you not hotter) and 100 degree Vegas weather (why are you not colder) in a bag with running clothes (here’s hoping!) and fancy-smancy dresses (oh hi Thomas Keller – we’ll almost be together!) and the fact that it takes me about 5 hours to pack when leaving for a weekend, let alone a trip lasting 9 days (what what!) and we’re looking at some long packing hours ahead of me.