Spacial relation test everyone: How do I get all of this into 1 tiny ziplock bag? I’d be tempted to just check my luggage if I wasn’t flying on crappy US Airways.

And yes, I am packing while at work today. It was one of those, how can I make my plane this afternoon AND show up in time for my morning meeting – I know, throw everything into a couple bags and see what I can make of it all.

Problems, problems, problems…

I know this is a poor-me-I-just-won-the-lottery-and-don’t-know-where-to-start-spending-all-my-money* type of post, but this is a serious problem, people. What am I supposed to pack when I’ll be waking up Sunday morning in beautiful North Carolina and then landing in the evening in snow-possible Connecticut?

What to do, what to do…

My current outfit (I try on all my potential outfits when packing, I’ve heard this isn’t normal) includes a swimsuit top (the world is not ready for this, I apologize NCers, possibly stay off the beaches this weekend), running shorts, a blair waldorf-esque circa 3-years-ago head band, and a puffy snow jacket.


*OMG I bought so many tickets for the MegaMillions, please please please let this become my problem!

Hi there! I'm so glad you liked your Valentine's Day gift! It looks like you had an awesome time with Ryan for V-Day, too–yay! I wanted to let you know that you can expect to keep getting gifts from me until September (I'm assuming you saw the post about the early end date for TumblrBuddies this year). I'm in this for the long haul! :) I hope you're doing great and loving life these days!! :) xoxo, TB

Ok, so I did see this forever ago and am just really lame about responding. But SUPER excited to get a Tumblr Buddy until September. So thank you thank you thank you!

Included in the list of things to bring to NC this weekend for my friend’s bachelorette party that was just sent out:

“a blow-up man doll if you have one, or any penis paraphernalia you might have lying around”

If only I was driving or checking luggage.

Meanwhile, scariest item on the list: “bathing suit”

I am not ready for bathing suit season yet!!! What are they doing to me?!

Went to the 3:45 Hunger Games Imax showing in Port Chester today.

Was crying by 3:47.

Don’t worry – that wasn’t a spoiler – that was just the trailer for Titanic.

So without giving anything away (though it looks like I was one of the few people on Tumblr that didn’t go to the midnight – Friday showing): Completely awesome. And I rarely say that about movies based on books that I love. My heart was pounding so hard the entire time with fear for Katniss and Peeta. And this is coming from someone whose read Hunger Games twice and listened to it on audio twice. (I’m overzealous, what can I say.)

It’s probably a little too crazy to change my ring tone to the Katniss-Rue whistle, right?

Here I go again, jumping on the band wagon YEARS after everyone else. But as of this weekend I am absolutely obsessed with foursquare, like spent 3 hours on Saturday researching how to get badges obsessed. I have to say, when I heard about this 3 years ago I thought this was by far one of the dumbest ideas to ever come along. Who really cares if you get fake points and fake badges and become fake mayor of your local grocery store.

I said as much to a friend last week and she countered by telling me about all the discounts I could get at certain venues. Well, I’m not one to turn down discounts so I bit the bullet and signed up and started checking in to places. And then foursquare showed me all the points I was getting and all the badges I could earn and how in just 10 more visits I could become mayor of PF Chang Stamford. I want to be mayor of PF Chang Stamford! I want to become mayor of everything now.

kristin: after sitting in a packed theater for hours last night waiting for the hunger games premiere, killing teenagers for entertainment seems like less of a mystery.

Here’s hoping they all went to opening night and aren’t sharing a theater with me tomorrow.