Finally, New York State’s Gay and Lesbian community are free from the burden that was having to set foot in Connecticut in order to get married. Hmm… Really? The nuptuals are in Stamford? Hmm.

John Stewart on New York becoming the seventh jurisdiction in the US to allow same-sex marriage.

Not funny, John. Not funny at all.

Meanwhile, it’s been almost a week and my eyes still well up with happy tears every time this is brought up.

You know your husband’s from Hawaii when…

Me: I wish moving back to Hawaii was at least an option for us right now.  But with the huge pay cuts we’d have to take, that’s still years off.

R: But cost of living will be a lot lower in Hawaii.

Me: What are you talking about?  Our mortgage would more than double?

R: But eating would be so much cheaper.  We could just go to Zippy’s every night.  And Kozo Sushi.

Me: At least you didn’t mention Fukuya’s.

I enjoy tracking what I’m reading since I use this blog as my own personal (public) diary but I’m not sure how great these reviews are going to be, what with me finishing up these selections months ago…

As part of my research for the academy awards I decided to read the books that related to the movies up for best adapted screenplay.  I never ended up getting to True Grit but the others kicked off my 2011 readings.

The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook: A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal by Ben Mezrich.  This was excellent and my favorite of the three.  Five months later I can’t remember what differed from the movie, probably a lot more background on the feelings of the characters and on Eduardo, but the second I finished the book I raced out to rent the movie, I was so excited.  Meanwhile, talking about the movie – I try to insert the quote “if you had invented Facebook, you would have invented Facebook” into as many daily conversations as possible.

127 Hours: Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Aron Ralston.  I enjoyed this book but it took me a really long time to read, for its size.  The story was split up to switch between being stuck for 127 hours and Aron’s reflections on other adrenaline-induced crazy stories.  They all were interesting but since each side stories wrapped up nicely by the end of the chapters I kept getting side tracked.  Sometimes I would skip ahead to the stuck-by-a-boulder parts of the book and sometimes I would move on to other books before finally finishing this one.  However, even though I wish the story wasn’t so broken up in the book, when I went to see the move I was wishing for more side stories in order to take an emotional break from what was going on with the hand and the boulder.  But maybe that was the director’s point, not like Aron Ralston got to take a break.

Winter’s Bone by Daniel Woodrell.  Maybe it’s my non-deep reading but when I think of this movie and book I just groan.  It was soooo slow and boring.  Don’t get me wrong, I think Jen did an excellent job (which was why I seemed to be going against the norm of the Hunger Games fans and am excited that she got cast as Katniss) but I feel like it was a week (for the book) and hours (for the movie) that I’ll never get back.  The one thing I really liked was reading about life so incredibly different from my own (I mean I’m so naïve I had to look up crank just to figure out what they were talking about).  And I have to say, reading about people that thought a dinner of squirrel was a huge buffet made me feel incredibly lucky that I grew up stuffing my face on steak, spam, and sushi.

Boy I’ve been slacking off a lot lately on my blog.  I think it has something to do with being tired of lugging my laptop home with me every night in order to keep up with tumblr, but regardless… here we go.

Last year we bid goodbye to summer by spending the long weekend at Malouf’s mountain campsite.  We had such a good time we declared then and there that we would do it again each year.  And so for Memorial Day weekend this year we decided to welcome summer with another trip to Malouf’s.

In order to get to the campsite you need to hike in (though they take you to the head of the trail AND take your bags for you).  There is a 30 minute hike, a 3 hour hike, a 5 hour hike, and an 8 hour hike (that one you have to carry your own bags in, and we were told only one couple ever did it and they were training for the Iron Man competition at the time).

Last year I felt ridiculous opting for the half an hour hike.  EVERYONE else had completed at least the 3 hour hike.  And then it seemed like a good majority of them also spent all of Saturday hiking as well.  Meanwhile I could barely hike to the running water bathrooms without gasping for breath.  Sad.

So this time I was geared up.  Water bottles in hand, I signed us up for the 3 hour hike.  I knew this was the right decision when we were picked up by the Malouf bus to take us to the hiking trail and the other campers there were all around our age and included a few marines (read: super in shape).  Then Dick (Malouf owner) calls out, “which one of you is Sonja?  You guys are the only ones signed up for the long hike.  Everyone else is doing the shorter one.”  Um… say what?

So off we went.  The hike seemed good for the first 5 minutes or so and then the straight-up-the-mountain hike began.  Oh my god.  I had to break every minute or so.  Ugh.  But finally halfway through the hike we reached the top and it was breathtaking. 

After that we were in the clear because we headed downward for most of the remainder of the journey and Ryan stopped his yammering that we were never doing the longer hike again.  Something to do with me drinking all our water and making us stop every couple of seconds.  Whatever.

We bumped into a couple of snakes along the way which freaked me out.  Ryan was obsessed.  I threw my camera to him and booked the hell out of there.  The fact that Hawaii doesn’t have snakes produced very different responses in the two of us.  For Ryan it was constantly whooping and calling out things like, “there are 2 of them and they are totally having sex!”  For me it was screaming as I sprint down the mountain calling out, “get the hell away from there!  What if they are boa constrictors.?

I mean…  these dudes look fearsome and scary, right?

We finally got to camp and set up our new tent.  Last year the tent we got couldn’t hold our stuff and our aero bed (I mean – who goes camping without an aerobed), but this one could fit our living room inside of it.  But my favorite part?  It came with a welcome mat!

Once we were all set up it was just a relaxing weekend of resting, eating, making fires, eating, enjoying nature, and eating.


In honor of trying to age my blog narrative…

Guess what was the last concert I attended?  That would be Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.  While trying to track down the Big Apple Circus’s appearance in Stamford (I have never been to a circus!) I stumbled upon the fact that Frankie Valli was coming to Stamford in May as part of a charity event.  As one of the few people of my generation that listened to the Four Seasons prior to The Jersey Boys phenomenon (thanks to a father that blasted the “Best of the Four Seasons” each Sunday night while making dinner) I was a fan even before seeing the Jersey Boys… 3 times.

Waiting outside before the concert started I realized that the average attendee was a good 3-4 decades older than me (don’t know why that surprised me) but either they didn’t want to sing along (entirely likely) or they didn’t know the songs as well as I did.  Oh what a night!