Here’s an unpopular opinion…

But I’m so tired of having people tell me how wasteful an education mine was because I went to a private high school and college. I know, I was very privileged to have a choice in the matter. I know how lucky I am. But here’s the thing – I have never once put down someone else’s education (well… not to their face anyway, I may have had some choice words to say about a certain high school in Hawaii that chose to release a yearbook a couple years ago with the “N” word included). I am proud of the schools I went to. Not because I think they are the best but because they were the best for me.

If you want to talk ranking (which seems to come up when my school is getting bitched about – something about the unjustness of the ranking system), the University of Michigan soars above BC. It is also the school that my high school boyfriend went to, and therefore became the school I was determined to go to as well. Alas, I did not get in. And so instead I went to BC. A school where I met my best friends, the love of my life, and a degree I was really excited to major in (yes people, I loved majoring in Accounting – I’m weird). So is Michigan still revered more highly than BC? Yes. Am I so much happier that I went to BC than Michigan? Absolutely. Do I have anything bad to say about Michigan (I mean except for the fact that it gets fricken cold there)? No. Why would I? And because of this, I understand that other people feel the exact same way about the schools they attended. So I respect that.

So, when out of the blue someone strikes up a conversation with me about how stupid people are that pay money to go to private schools, how do you think that makes ME feel? When you spend a good part of the hour ranting about how it’s just a bunch of good for nothing rejects that didn’t have the decency to save money and go to a state school, um… thanks? I understand people have many reasons for staying close to home. But can’t you understand I have just as many reasons for wanting to experience life 5,000 away from where I grew up.

Now I’m not above talking trash about your school for sports related reasons, ahem ND (football), UConn, Duke, Syracuse (hmm… seems I have a lot for basketball), and BU (hockey). But when it comes to education, I’m under the belief that you should be respectful.

How about this, I will never insult your education if you don’t insult mine. How about that?

Rant over. Estimated followers lost: all.

The 5 minute rule

So hypothetically (of course, because I never blog about work… well, in my defense I wouldn’t if I had anything cool to write about), if you had 13 business days to complete a project.  And you didn’t do it.  And decided instead to walk out on your boss instead.  So she did the entire thing for you.  In two days.  Two long days that included her leaving work after midnight last night.  And getting in by 7:30 AM this morning.  Even with her 1.5 hour commute – one way.  And she looked like death run over today because of her hours.  And then at 5:30 this afternoon she announced to everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, that she’d by out the door by 6 PM at the latest.  Wouldn’t you decide to abide by the 5 minute rule.

I mean, as stupid as office politics are.  As lame as the 5 minute rule is.  Wouldn’t you do it anyway?  I mean, is 6:05 really that much different than 5:55?

On a completely separate topic, turns out I gripe about really stupid things when I haven’t gotten a lot of sleep in the last couple days.

You are a 5 year old, trapped in the mind of a teen trapped in the body of an adult.

My hilarious friend C, speaking the truth about ME.

I changed my last name almost 5 years ago and I still can’t get it right.

I left a phone message for someone this morning that started with “This is Sonja [maiden last name].”  I had trouble the first year after marriage introducing myself, saying my name slowly so I didn’t mess up with the new last name, but I thought that was a long past issue.  Guess not so much.

Sorry Ryan!