Metro-north: at least it’s rarely boring

Let me set the scene for ya. An empty train car is slowly filling with passengers for the commute home. Yours truly has scored one of the most coveted seats on a peak hour New Haven bound train – the single seater. There’s only about 4 – 8 on any given train. This is a REALLY big deal. But I digress. I’m slightly annoyed by these dweeby boys in front of me who are arguing about some superhero comic (I know, those obsessed with ALL things Joss Whedon and spreadsheets and owners of the Lost and Star Wars encyclopedias should not throw stones).

So here we are, minding our own business when this drunken loon comes running onto the train and starts trying to pick a fight with the three of us, fists and all. I don’t know the last time I’ve been that scared. And wouldn’t you know it, those 2 guys I wrote off as dweeby and annoying made a barricade in front of me and first enticed the drunkard away from me (even though I was bigger than them and probably had more fat padding on me to handle a punch) and eventually talked the guy into sitting down away from us until the Metro-North security got there. Course drunkard took that to mean it was time to get naked… Still, I have so much love for my little comic book friends!!!!

And with 5 minutes to spare before the train took off, NYC’s finest boards en masse… Seriously, there was 7 of them for 1 guy and hauls him off the train, half naked and all.

And there you have it. Just another night on the good ole Metro-North.

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