So how did I bid adieu to summer and welcome in the fall?  By constantly being outdoors to take in the changing seasons, attending parties, and all around craziness?  Uh.. not so much.  Instead, I spent my time working my way through the 11 available Sookie Stackhouse novels and watching the first 2 seasons of True Blood.

A couple thoughts on the matter:

  1. Between Twilight, the Vampire Diaries, and Sookie Stackhouse books / tv series I worry I’m falling in with the psycho tween Vampire obsessors.  I’m good as long as I don’t want to marry sparkly Edward Cullen right?  Now hottie Alexander Skarsgård is another story.
  2. Speaking of Alexander, I’m going to have to update my list again.
  3. I’m seriously considering ordering HBO so I don’t have to wait until the season’s over to watch True Blood.  Maybe if I cancel Netflix…

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