Lone Star Cancelled

You know those tv episodes where they show a flashback to a specific event that explains why the character is the way s/he is, whether it be an alcoholic, womanizer, etc?  Well, I have one of those moments.  It’s of sitting on our awful 70s looking sofa (that thank god didn’t live on past the 1990s) with a tv-dinner tray and eating steak with saffron rice and my family’s special steak sauce, while my family gathered around the TV (with the antenna topped with foil) and watched Dallas every Friday night.  That was a special occasion because every other night dinner was served in the dining room and my intake of salad was much more closely monitored.  And the TV stayed off in my presence when Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers wasn’t on.

But not on Friday.  Because Friday was Dallas night.  One of my favorite family memories.  Fast forward 20+ years later and I’m the biggest tvholic you’ll ever meet, with a penchant for fatty sauces.

So the revival of Dallas under its new name of Lone Star (okay, not really but family oil business, Texas, primetime soap – close enough) made it an instant must watch for me, which I finally got around to doing last night.  And I thought it was really good.

And then today I find out that it was already cancelled back in September.  To use the phrase from another favorite 80/90s show of mine: “How RUDE!”

It’s no Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, or Teen Mom, but it wasn’t as bad as Running Wilde (did that get the axe yet?).  Of course I shouldn’t be surprised, this is FOX – the network that also didn’t let Firefly live up to its awesome potential.

Oh well, I guess that just leaves me with one more thought of the day….

Who shot J.R.?

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