A Day on the Brooklyn Bridge

A little late but oh well.

The Sunday before last I finally got to check one thing off my “Must Do in NY” internal list… walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.  We spent the weekend in the city and so we slowly meandered our way to the Manhattan-side of the Brooklyn Bridge in the morning.  Once there we were met with a massive amount of people, cops, and a band.  Turns out there was a gay pride parade making its way across the bridge.  So we quickly joined the parade and spent the morning walking across the bridge chanting “gay, straight, black, white.  Marriage is a civil right.”

Weather.com you lied to me.   It was supposed to be sunny all day.  Oh well, the view was still gorgeous.

We didn’t have any set plans once we got there so we just meandered up and down the streets, people-watching, window-shopping, and sampling goods at the local farmers market.  We also stopped to admire a random road design we stumbled upon.

We did venture out to the Superhero Supply Store because after all, who wouldn’t want to see a Superhero Supply Store.

And with a last trip back over the bridge, Mission: walk the Brooklyn Bridge was complete.

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