“Your followers might know your favourite tv show, but do they know the basics? Reblog with your answers!”

Full name: Sonja [followed by 20 more letters.. yes, my name is long]
Gender: FemaleAge: 28.9
Birth date: September 12th
Place of birth/Current place of residence: Honolulu, HI / Stamford, CT
Heritage:  English / Norwegian / Japanese / Hawaiian / Chinese*
*Maybe.  Unclear whether my great-great grandmother was getting a little something-something on the side.
Siblings: Little sister whose celebrating the big 2-3 today.
Parents: I have them and they are fabulous.
Religious/Spiritual affiliation: Raised Christian… and perhaps I’ll step into a church again (for non-wedding purposes) someday in the future.
Pets:Children: Prince Spamalot of Musubiland (you can call him Spam), Princess Red Sox World Series Champion 2009 2010okay probably 2011 (you can call her Sox), and Sushi (got tired of the long names apparently)… the bestest little kittehs in the world.
Marital status:  4 years and counting.
Sexual orientation: My first crush was on a boy when I was 9 (he said his mother was the size of a Whopper and I swooned… for some reason) and it hasn’t changed since (the sexual orientation – not the boy… who I think ended up being gay).
Tattoos/piercings:  Tattoos – 2, Piercings that haven’t yet closed up – 1 per ear.Glasses:and contacts until I stop being a wimp and get lasik.
PC or Mac: Despite my love of all other Apple gadgets… PC all the way.
Mobile phone: iPhone (for me) and crackberry (for work)
Do you believe in ghosts? Yup
Do you believe in UFOs? Sure, why not.
Abortion: I believe in the right to choose,
Death penalty: That no one has the right to play God,
Gay marriage: And equal rights for all.
Where have you traveled? Just read the little bloggity-blog.  But for where I want to travel to…  Everywhere.  And I do mean everywhere.  Which means I need a job to make money so I can travel.  Which means I have limited time to travel.  And thus the viscious cycle of living life continues… Unless your name is Julia Allison, in which case you get to just travel.
Where else can you be found on the internet? Facebook and whatever new obsession I get into of the week.
UPDATE: apparently my survey missed a few…
Favorite Baseball Team: Red Sox Nation member forever!
Favorite Football Team: UH (Rainbow) Warriors and Boston College Eagles… Oh NFL… Ummm… Not so interested in but I usually align myself with the Patriots just because they play in the capital of Red Sox Nation.
Favorite food: Sushi, and grilled cheese sandwiches follow close behind.
Favorite Drink: Hawaiian Sun Guava Juice (found in California, Hawaii, and in various Karaoke joints in New England… Weird!) Also great with sake.

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