Last Sunday we made our way out to River Road Park in Hartsdale for Ryan’s Annual Company Picnic.  It was pretty awesome.  Not to brag but I had suggested something rather similar to my ex-company and was completely shot down (because they “didn’t think it would logistically work”) so it was cool to see how it could have panned out.

In the post-recession times as Companies are still trying to save costs while giving back to their employees, why not have a picnic at a local park – assign food for everyone to bring, grill up some hot dogs and hamburgers and provide some cheap plastic toys (like horseshoes) for the children and those with the maturity level of a child…

By the way… I was awesome at horseshoes.  I was losing by 0 – 8 (we decided to play until 10) until I accepted an ultimatum, if I actually got the horseshoe around the pin on my next shot – I’d win outright.  And so guess who got the horseshoe around the pin?!

It may have been complete luck or I may have been a ringer… no one will ever know.

Then the sporty people played baseball and basketball.  I played cheerleader for awhile until something better came along…

The margarita had arrived.

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