Meet my favorite new shoes!  None other than the Skechers Shape Ups.

The first interview I went on for my new job I showed up in 2-inch heels.  And found out that my new employer’s office was much too far of a walk for heels.  I ended up limping back to the train station.  By interview #2 I lugged a huge briefcase with me for no other reason than to be able to change from ballet flats (which just didn’t look professional paired with my new suit jacket and skirt) into heels and back.

So now these are my go-to shoes for all my pedestrian needs.  I figured they were as cute as shape-ups would get and were easy to slip on and off since they attached with Velcro (ack!).  My first day wearing them I was so sure EVERYONE was staring at my feet thinking to themselves, “She’s wearing velcro?!” but by day number 2 I had let it go and was smiling in amazement by the comfyness of the shoe.

I don’t know if all those testimonials of how people dropped “4 dress sizes” just by walking around in these shoes will have even the glimmer of truth to them (though honestly I do feel more of a burn in my legs and gluteus maximus than in regular sneakers) but the comfort it provides my feet alone makes me want to go out and get them in every color and style… velcro be damned.

Man… how do I get sponsored posts?  Yoohoo – skechers… I’m over here (waving hand frantically).

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