This is in a word: awesomeness.

This July, friends and family (including moi) will be flying back to Hawaii to witness and celebrate the wedding of my Brother-in-law and his fiancée (whom by the way have been together forever – they even went to Junior prom together).  However, for various reasons, they are actually making it legal in a couple weeks instead of on the big day in Hawaii.  (Personally, that’s not a bad idea – better than gasping every 10 minutes on your wedding day freaked out that you forgot your wedding license before remembering that the minister was holding on to it.)

I kept hoping that Wedding Part I would be in Vegas but for a while the couple was set on going to city hall.  So I was thrilled to hear they changed their minds and are going to do it in Vegas after all.  (This is totally not true – but I’m choosing to believe that my drunken musings to the groom a couple weeks ago about how cool it would be to have Elvis marry them might have paved the way to this decision.)

But the best part (where I finally reveal the awesomeness of the situation) is that there will be no Chapel O Love in ripped jeans a la Britney Spears for those two.  They are going for the Medieval Themed Wedding Package at the Excalibur Hotel.  The bride may not be very thrilled about this.  (As the bride, I wouldn’t have been either but the Hubby made an excellent point when he commented, “You got your wedding.  I was in a tux with 5 of my friends in 85 degree weather (yeah – I was a TOTAL bridezilla).  Believe me, if we had 2 weddings, the Vegas one would be entirely the way I wanted it.” – Knowing him, we’d probably have to get dressed up like pirates.  Hmm… I think I might have just found the bargaining chip to use to get him to renew our vows someday.)

But I digress… back to the pure awesomeness.  I cannot wait to see the pictures!  And pictures will have to do because I already have a previous obligation… watching my Hubby accept his MBA at graduation!


In which I’m incredibly narcissistic

Me: (Needing to look up an internet address – I forget for what – I remember that I blogged about it before and decide to search from my blog’s homepage versus sorting through google.)
Me: (Internal dialogue) Oh my god! Why is my webpage down?!
(FRANTIC searching to figure out what went wrong ensues.)
Me: (Internal dialogue) What am I going to do. I can’t post a message saying my website is having difficulties… no one will be able to see it.
What will people do? They’ll be so upset!
Okay, take slow deep breaths.
Don’t panic.
Oh wait, I have what… probably a total of 10 followers that would care that my blog was down – and each of them I know IRL so it doesn’t really matter….
Awww… that’s pretty pathetic.
And wow. I’m such a narcissist!
(Phone rings and it’s my mom.)
Mom: Hey, I wanted to tell you I love your blog. We haven’t talked in a while so I keep up with your blog and it makes me so happy to know what’s going on in your life.
Me: You don’t know how much you just made my day!
(Oh and the website issue fixed itself in 30 minutes time. Weird Tumblr issue I suppose.)

Okay rude little thieves, who stole the soaps from the bathroom?! A couple hours ago there were 2 filled bottles in the women’s bathroom and now they are both gone.

Fortunately I’m anal and always carry that anti-bacterial gel with me but what about everyone else that I share a kitchen with?

I like to think that I’m one of the least jealous people around. I mean – of course I think my life could be made much better if I won the lottery – but besides that, I’m pretty happy for what others get do do and experience. But today this text had me seething with jealousy. I think it might have had something to do with me reading the text soon after popping allergy pills (I never have allergy issues in Hawaii), doning a rain jacket, and running to catch my train (1 minute to spare).

Between this text and receiving a wedding invitation from one of my friends getting married in Hawaii in June – I feel my day is going to consist of looking up flights into Honolulu.

Today for me felt like what draft day for football fans must feel like.  Although with less information given throughout the day.  I kept refreshing my computer page despite the clear comment stating that the winners would be released at night (in London though so I was working with a 6 hour time difference). 5 down and 45 to go.  Though I’ve heard El Bulli is already booked through 2011 or something ridiculous like that.

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