1. Metaphors are important

2. All the Asians in school are named “Chang”

3. The square root of 4 is rainbows.

4. Cheerleaders wear their uniforms all day long, everyday.

5 Ballads are male ducks.

6. The fastest way to sell cupcakes is to use Nana Connie’s recipe.

7. Mohawks are heritable traits!

8. Sunglasses automatically make you cool.

9. America needs sunshine and optimism….and also, angels.

10. There’s nothing ironic about show choir!

11. If you don’t know who Josh Groban is, you should kill yourself.

12. Everybody Loves Disco

13. School pictures are great practice for the paparazzi

14. Girls want sex just as much as guys do!

15. Single Ladies is the answer to football victory

16. Having two gay dads is the key to getting your way in life

17. Ovaries are exposed when cheerleaders bend over

18. Caning works

19. Don’t fall in love with a kitty cat

20. Spanish Is a Dying Language

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Le sigh.  Ever since we started planning to go to Vegas this upcoming April I’ve been checking and waiting for Garth Brooks to announce what dates he would be performing at the Wynn.  I figured the odds were not good that he would be there the same weekend I was.  But he will be.  For the exact same time!!!  New concert dates were announced on Wednesday.  Tickets went on sale this morning.  And so by the time I learned about it this evening, they were sold out.  Err!!!!

Articles have said there are preventive measures against scalpers – I hope this isn’t true… I REALLY want to go!!!

In times of emergency, spam is still king.

After hearing that the tsunami (triggered by the earthquake in Chili) had reached Hawaii, I nervously dialed 10 digits and was met with relief when my dad answered and assured me that all was fine, and that no deaths or even property damage had been reported.

Best line of the conversation: “Thank god nothing happened – we only had 1 can of spam in the house.”

We both laughed at my Dad’s joke – and over the fact that it probably really wasn’t a joke.

Thank you biatholon for having athletes ski around with rifles on their backs. In America, we love sports where players run around with guns, but we just call it the NBA.

Jimmy Fallon, writing thank you notes to various aspects of the Olympics.

Snow day! Snow day!

Southern Connecticut seems to continuously be missed in this 3 day long snowstorm that’s hitting the north east.  So after 2 days of lugging home half my office and waking up to just rain (and therefore lugging my office back to work in a torrential downpour) I had enough.  I interpreted the report of 1-inch of snow fall in my area less important to the scrolling report at the top of the screen announcing that the storm is a “threat to life and property” and decided to call it a snow day / work from home day / don’t change out of pajamas day.

Although as I type this, the weather has apparently decided to do me a favor and start snowing.  I’m sure that’ll last for like 2 seconds, but I’ll take it.

Meryl Davis & Charlie White.

I am totally obsessed with these two.  I have a big day tomorrow so I should have been in bed an hour ago but instead I’m staying up to cheer on these two, as they’ve turned me from a person that makes fun of ice dancers into a huge fan.

Meanwhile, the Hubby is thinking about adding Tanith Belbin to his “list” so me cheering on Davis & White irks him.  Which makes me estatic.  Yes, we have an odd relationship.