Probably a HUGE blessing…

Yesterday I found fraudulent charges on my credit card so I had to close my account and open up a new one.  The entire process was pretty painless as Chase was extremely helpful and efficient.  But the problem was I really didn’t want to part with my cc number – I had it memorized.  It was instant gratification in 16 little digits.  Here’s how my life was before memorizing the number:

Go “window-shopping” online.  Decide to purchase item.  Look for credit card.  Listen to pesky voice in head telling me not to waste my money.  Decide not to purchase item.

Then I memorized my number and my life became:

Go “window-shopping” online.  Decide to purchase item.  Purchase item.  SOOO much better.

So I guess this is a huge blessing in disguise… but I think I will continue to mourn my loss for a couple more days.

Oh – and by the way – the fraudulent charges related to country club dues… um, seriously???  Some (fake) rich person swiped my card so they could continue to use their country club?  I feel there is an interesting story here…

And won… at least with me anyway.  An article I read stated that the majority of Band Hero’s customers were teenage girls that wanted to pretend to be Taylor Swift.  Um… teenage girls and me!  And I did just that – no picking between singing and playing guitar – I did both!  Yes, I am that awesome.

Band Hero Banks on Taylor Swift’s Star Power

My good samaritan act of the day

(Standing behind a couple at Target as we wait for the sales-woman to open the glass case full of xbox gamer goodies)
Employee: (Hands the man a game) Here you go.
Man: (Confused) Hmm… I thought it was called something else…. something warfare.
Employee: But that’s it – Call of Duty – World at War.
Man: I guess… I was sure it was called something else though. Are you sure this is the one that just came out?
Employee: I’m not sure, sir, but that’s all we have.
Me: Sorry to interrupt, but the newest one is called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
Man: That’s it! Wow – how did you know – have you played it?
Me: No, but my husband has played about 30 hours of it.
Woman: Ugh – that sounds horrible. I’m so sorry dear!
Man: That sounds wonderful.

I have Thanksgiving posts to write but in the meantime I want to introduce you to my favorite new restaurant in Stamford: Vinny’s Backyard.  My friend lives down the street from here and had been talking about it for a while so one day when we decided to meet up for dinner I picked this place.  It was fabulous.

The bar area has limited seating but so worth it for the atmosphere and the deals. Wednesday is $0.20 wing night.  I have yet to find a better bargain.  Do you know how many wings you can get when they are only $0.20 each?  Let me tell you – it’s a lot!  Between that, their discounted PBR pitcher Tuesdays, yummy pizza, and apparently a food challenge (note to self: investigate this more), I’m sold!  The only problem is that it is pretty much the furthest you can get from my house and still be in Stamford.  But that’s okay – what I spend in gas mileage, I’ll make up in discounted wings.

Here’s a hint people: if you need to do any shopping or want you kid to take pictures with Santa Claus – come to the Stamford mall. This place is deserted (so not good for the economy).

I’ve been dreading coming here all week but my eye doctor is here and I need new glasses so I braced myself for the onslaught of harried Christmas shoppers and whiny kids. But these people never materialized. So instead I’ve plopped myself next to Santa’s mini wonderland while I wait for Hakky to fix the heel of my boots (a long past-due errand). It’s so quiet here I can hear the rushing water from the mall fountain 2 floors.

As President, I believe that robotics can inspire young people to pursue science and engineering.

And I also want to keep an eye on those robots in case they try anything.

President Obama at the “Educate to Innovate” Campaign.

I heart this man.