Awesome 80s Prom

So excited!  My friend’s bridesmaid just emailed me about my friend’s bachelorette party at Awesome 80s Prom.  She was taking a poll on best dates for the party and I could make about half of them so I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll settle on one of the dates I’m free!

I’m already working on dress ideas too.  These plans include: #1 Dropping all my added weight since high school (which was my goal anyway) and squeezing into my high school cheerleading uniform, #2 I bought this Baby-like dress (Baby from Dirty Dancing) for a “Dancing through the Decades” college dance and was just about to give it away – definitely going to hang onto it for a little longer now, #3 ransacking a vintage store for a completely fabulous 80s prom dress equipped with shoulder pads and big bows and #4 anything with leg warmers.

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