Momofuku Ko, I is going!

I am so excited. I can’t believe I got reservations. For our anniversary the Hubby and I have typically spent the closest weekend to our anniversary at a hotel and enjoy a nice dinner. This year we’ve been so busy that our first free weekend was half a month after our actual anniversary. This year we decided to spend it in NYC and instead of a dinner I wanted to try Momofuku’s weekend only (they only offer it Friday through Sunday) lunch. It’s a 3-hour affair that is supposedly more elaborate than dinner. According to The Wandering Epicures whom ate there in March, there were 18 dishes provided. (Note to self: go STARVING.)

For those of you who don’t know, Momofuku Ko is David Chang’s twelve-seater restaurant in the East Village (NYC). And there is supposedly only one way to get reservations, go to the Momofuku website at exactly 10 AM two weeks in advance of when you would like to have lunch (and only one week in advance if you would like to have dinner). According to Momofuku, the average open reservation lasts approximately three seconds. I agree with this comment as I didn’t do the math correctly and tried to make reservations yesterday. In the seconds it took me to realize that the latest day they had reservations for was August 15th (I needed August 16th) the reservations were all taken. Supposedly David didn’t even make an exception for his parents, who had to use the same reservation system to get to eat their son’s food.

I wasn’t very confident at my ability to get reservations today as when I tried yesterday I was at home with a great internet connection, 3 computers, and 2 people (I made Ryan also try to get reservations). Today it would be just me (Ryan was going to try but he seems to not have as much time as me during the work days to do non-work things), my 1 crappy work computer and an internet connection that only works about 25% of the time. So to say that I feel unbelievably lucky that it worked out is a huge understatement (my internet connection went down for almost 2 hours right after I booked the reservation).

So be prepared for post after post of yummy food eating this coming August 16th (albeit with no pictures – as there is a no-photo-policy at Ko – oh, boo!)

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