Country #10: Norway

Carlsberg Beer, which I know is a Danish beer but it was the closest thing they had, a cloudberry horn and lefse (potato bread with cinnamon and sugar) from the Kringla Bakeri og Cafe.

I was super excited to try lefse and was a little disappointed in the taste.  But since I think Hawaii food often doesn’t taste as good when prepared outside of Hawaii I’ve decided that I better visit Norway to see how it tastes in its country of origin.

I feel that having a 2 day “Drink around the world” is cheating, but so is making your mom share some of your drinks so that you don’t get too plastered.  Therefore, since this “drink around the world” idea was the activity I was most looking forward to I decided to finish it up the next day.  So….

Country #7: Italy

Wine flight in the Enoteca Castello wine shop.

Country #6: USA

Budlight and a double cheeseburger at the Liberty Inn.  Even with sharing I think we only finished about half the burger.

We were planning our strategy for getting through the rest of the countries when a huge lightning and thunderstorm hit and lasted throughout the night and causing us to leave the park.  So once again I had to claim defeat on my drink around the world though this time I am citing weather issues as opposed to low tolerance as my downfall.