Srsly!  Mom, I’m trying to sleep!  First you wake me up by gushing about how cute I am and then with the flash.  Do I wake you up when you are sleeping?  I mean besides when I sit on your face or eat your hair at around 2 AM each morning.

The city of love: I wants to go!!!

Me: I think we should talk about our relationship.
Hubby: Okay…
Me: I think that it would be better for our relationship if we spent some time in a romantic city.
Hubby: Huh?
Me: Like… say, Paris for example. The city of love.
Hubby: Ummm….
Me: Oh, I know! We could go for your birthday… get there the week before your birthday and stay for your birthday.
Hubby: So is there any reason in particular you want to do this?
Me: Nooo… we should just spend time in the most romantic city… and if it just so happens that the Twilight sequal is being released there 2 days earlier than in any other country… then maybe we could go see it while we are there
Hubby: What?! No, absolutely not. You won’t even understand it
Me: That’s not true, I watched the preview in french and I got the gist of it. And I can watch it again back in the US when we get back.
Hubby: Absolutely not.
Me: Mais… pourquoi?
Hubby: Because.
Me: Je parle francais. Je t’aime! Je t’adore!
Hubby: I am going to ignore you now.

I sent a link to the hubby about a bed and breakfast place mentioned in this post.  I meant it as a joke and titled the email as “vacation idea.”  But the more I looked over the b&b’s website the more interested I became.  Turns out the hubby felt the same way… so you never know – our next vacation may be to go on a llama trek. via graceinsmallthings, easilyportable

Potential Vacation Idea… with Llamas?