Tarrytown Weekend Getaway: A Synopsis

Went to stay at the beautiful Tarrytown House Estate.  This is obviously a picture of the place in spring / summer.  I brought my camera to take pictures of the place but it was way too cold for me to want to be running around picture taking.

Went to the Palisades Mall to eat at the rotating sushi restaurant before catching Ralphie May’s show at the Tarrytown Music Hall.  He’s HILARIOUS… talks about super politically incorrect things too.  At one point someone from the audience yelled out, “F… You!” to one of his comments and Ralphie just rolled with it, making his joke even more funny and commented, if you think this is bad (his comment really wasn’t that bad) you are in for a long night!

In the morning we headed back to the Palisades Mall to have brunch at Fire+Ice.  I think it just opened here but we used to eat at it all the time in Boston.  You have a bowl and you put whatever you want in it and they fry it up for you on a grill.  Yum.  I went up 3 times (super embarrassing I know) for an omelet, lunch of pasta and pork, and a HUGE pancake.

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