***Top Chef Spoiler Alert***

Top Chef is Back!!!!

Okay, I’m a little late with my post, as it actually came back last week.  I was filled with mixed emotions as I was proven victorious once again when Ryan’s first contestant was eliminated.  Wahoo!  Except that it was the guy from Hawaii.  Oh Boo.  Which means I’m totally winning and will get a dinner of my choice coming up soon.  Wahoo!  In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, read this post. So that’s the recap of last week.

This week was SOOO much better for the following reasons:

  1. It was the return of “easy, but my monkey could do that,” Hung, Top Chef Champion, Season 3 (and MY pick as winner)
  2. The quickfire challenge involved the utilization of spam no less than THREE times!  One was a grilled cheese sandwich of Velveeta cheese and spam – how have I not tried this yet?!!!  Soon to be rectified!
  3. All THREE (yes, recap, Sonja = all 3 contestants left, Ryan =  down to 2) of my contestants were chosen as the top contestants of the quickfire challenge – yes, I am that awesome with my picking!
  4. Judge Toby Young came up with this ridiculously awesome line – “There was something so bloodless and anemic about the pork dish..when I’m faced with a beautiful, well reared piece of meat I don’t want to stand back and admire it. I want to have full blown unprotected sex. I didn’t even get to first base with the pork.”
  5. Ariane is finally eliminated!  Thank Goodness!  She bothered the crap out of me.  Yeah yeah she’s nice and all but I possibly cook better than her, I’ve definitely attempted to cook harder dishes.. she made a watermelon salad for the Today show… who can’t?  You cut up a watermelon!  Anyway, so happy she’s gone, making way for the real chefs (like Team Hair!)

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